Positive Ventures Impact Letter

Positive Ventures
2 min readJan 11, 2022

The interdependence between society and the planet has never been more evident. As we set foot in a new decade, it is time to concentrate on the future we strive to build, and indeed leave, for generations to come.

Humankind has made incredible progress over the past century, yet the cost of this advancement has caused immense havoc to the planet and widened inequality — particularly in the global south. We simply cannot maintain this course.

To build a prosperous and endurable future, we must reset our moral compass and entrench it into every aspect of our lives, including how we invest and do business.

There must be a center of gravity to catalyze such a monumental effort and mobilize the resources and incentives required. That is the role of impact investing.

Over the past years, we have convened exceptional founders, challenging them to build grand, hard, and decisive businesses to foster a fundamentally more virtuous economy, bridging technology with a profound sense of purpose.

These phenomenal founders have seized the opportunity to develop a charter of ambitious yet practical action. As a result, setting the tone for a new breed of for-impact tech companies casting disruptive technological forces to improve people’s lives, restore ecosystems, and make money along the way.

With this optimism and credo, we release our Annual Impact Report.

As we navigate a historical tipping point, the report aims to provide a bold yet feasible roadmap for change. We must dare to mainstream impact investing. There are extraordinary opportunities in the conundrum, and we are eager, poised to grasp them.



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